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                                                                                  GLOBAL TRADE  RELATIONS  

                                                                             Stuart S. Malawer, J.D., Ph.D. 

                                                                                         Distinguished Service Professor of Law and International Trade, George Mason University


                                                            Dr. Stuart Malawer with Director-General Moore of the WTO (Geneva, Switzerland).  




        Stuart Malawer, WTO Law, Litigation and Policy (2007) and Stuart Malawer, U.S. National Security Law (2009) and Stuart Malawer, Global Trade and International Law (2013).    



   Professional Background of Stuart Malawer   



                                                   U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Francisco Sanchez. 



     Global Trade Relations  examines the political, legal and institutional aspects of today's global trading system.  It focuses on policy, law, business, technology and national security issues of global trade relations. Specifically, it focuses on the WTO and the role of the United States in global trade relations. 

     This course assesses  critical issues concerning global trade. This assessment is from both  public and private  sector perspectives.  Issues examined  relate to the World Trade Organization,  its Dispute Resolution System, the most recent round of global trade negotiations (Doha), and current cases being litigated in the WTO.  There is an emphasis on U.S. - China trade relations as well as on other major trade issues, such as regional trade arrangements and current negotiations.

     Issues also considered are those relating to the U.S. system as it interfaces with the the global trading system.   In addition, the following specific topics are examined relating to the role of the United States in global trade relations:  the constitutional concepts of separation of powers and federalism (and role of states),  extraterritoriality, trade agreements  / "fast track," import relief,  export controls, trade and financial sanctions, corporate corruption, global antitrust and global mergers, cyberespionage of trade secrets, and various national security aspects of trade policy.

     It is important to understand the critical aspects of global trade in order to have a meaningful and critical discussion of the public policy issues on competition and competitiveness confronting the global trading system and the United States.

     This course is taught through lectures, class discussion, team presentation and guest lectures. Recent lecturers have included the U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade, the former Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission and the Virginia Secretary of Agriculture. Questions posted on this website form the basis of most class sessions and students are expected to consider them prior to each class.  The principal materials used this class are the actual documents emanating from official sources -- which are provided on this website and in the sourcebook. They need to be reviewed, along with the news updates and blog, prior to each class. The course is highly interactive and class participation will be considered as part of the final grade.  Attendance is required. 

     The assignments include a mid-term  exam and one team project /PowerPoint Presentation (recent DSU cases between the U.S. and China) and a final essay (U.S. extraterritorial economic legislation and global corporate competitiveness) . The mid-term  exam  counts 50%  of the final grade and the team presentation and essay are 25% each. [Good class participation can raise the final grade. Prompt attendance is required.]  This Website (www.Global-Trade-Relations.com), my "News Page" and my "Global Trade Blog" are  continuously updated through the year. 



                                Washington Post (February 18, 2012).

Strongly Recommended:

       Stuart Malawer,  WTO Law, Litigation & Policy: Sourcebook of Internet Material (Hein 2007). This is online at WTO Law, Litigation and Policy (2007).


               The weekly assignments and syllabus are under ASSIGNMENTS (2015).  Required material are indicated by an asterisk. 

                                               [Click here for recent Guest Lecturers & their Topics.]           





Team Presentation #1 --  Dispute Resolution Case Study -- "WTO / DSU Decisions:  Trade Relations & Global Dispute Resolution."

SPRING 2015 (DSU Case) -- Selected U.S. -  China Trade Disputes in the WTO / DSU (2001-2014).

Individual Case Digest Format for reviewing individual cases in relation to others.

Comparative Case Review Format for reviewing individual several cases together.

Summary of  GATT & Parallel WTO Agreement & U.S. Provisions.

Synthesis of 8 DSU Cases (March 2015).


Team / Essay  Presentation  # 2   U.S. Legislative Case Study -- "U.S. Economic Legislation & Global Competitiveness of U.S. Firms." 

                SPRING 2015 (Extraterritorial Legislation) -- Individual Essay. (Includes an Executive Summary, a 4-slide PowerPoint of Summary, and Research Links.)


   WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS.  (All readings are hyper-linked and are continuously updated during the semester. All reading material is Web based.  Extensive use is made of the official Web sites of the institutions examined and other related trade sites.)

   Discussion Questions (Semester) & Concepts (U.S. & Trade).


   Global Trade News (Malawer)             Global Trade Blog (Malawer)                   




World Trade Organization (WTO).

U.S. Trade Representative (USTR).


Video # 1:  "GATT to the WTO." (1998).

Video # 2: "WTO & Global Challenges (Introduction to WTO)." (1997).

Video # 3:  "The WTO's Dispute Resolution System." (1998).

Video # 4: "To the Heart of the WTO." (2003)

Video # 5:  "Globalization (Commanding Heights)." (3 pts.) (2002).


Basic Source Material (Click here). 

Foreign Source Material (Click here). 

WTO Cases (Edited) and Agreements (Click here).

Important Trade Links (Click here).








                                              Dr. Stuart Malawer at the Great Wall in China while attending the China Trade Program.                                      

                                                                                 Stuart Malawer@ 2013



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